General Profile

We understand that a building project is not just another contract - it can be very personal experience that has the potential to create stress and disruption; however, we will do all we can to minimise the inevitable upheaval that can occur by liaising with our clients to ensure they are aware of what is happening and appreciate the potential consequences. Such communication can create an understanding that may alleviate these concerns.

We are well versed with working in live environments such as hospitals and schools that have to continue to function with an absolute minimum of impact on their daily running, planning and working together has facilitated this through that all important medium of continual communication from all parties.


Training is a continual and on-going process applied at all levels of the company, we have a programme of providing apprenticeships
in the building trades, many of our own tradesmen have served their apprenticeships with us and are now valued craftsmen in their
own right. Only by passing the skills of experienced people to the next generation can we maintain traditional trades that the industry
as a whole relies upon.

We also through links with local schools offer students the opportunity of work experience, for some it is confirmation that their future
lays elsewhere, whilst for others it is the start of a career in the industry. The majority of our site managers are "from the trades",
training and progression should go as far as any individuals ambition.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety aspect of construction is one that is taken very seriously; all of our sites are in addition to being monitored
by the HSE are also inspected by Building Safety Group, an independent organisation that we employ to ensure standards
are maintained - they will inspect sites on a regular basis without notification. Our company policies incorporate Environmental
and Discrimination matters in addition to Health & Safety.Hammond Builders


Insurances are crucial, not only to us as a responsible company and employer but also to any client, A Hammond & Sons are fully
insured with Contractors All Risks, Public and Employers Liabilities.